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Games Day The Games Day is an effort to unify local gamers where we can expand our player base and/or recruit more into the miniature wargaming hobby.

Please check with our Games Day page to see when the next events are scheduled and located.


Cool Stuff Inc - A fantasticaly priced and customer friendly webshop based in Orlando. They have had a long relationship with us back to the beginning of our club.

The Warstore - Neal runs a great on-line shop with incredible customer support and prompt delivery of a variety of wargaming goodness. Neal has taken good care of us for a long time.

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Welcome to the Ocala Garrison!

Dystopian Wars Night The Ocala Garrison formed in 1998 in North Central Florida with one goal in mind: MINIATURE WARGAMING!

We meet on weekends, currently rotating between members houses as our local gaming store is no longer in business. We game all genres, but focus primarily on historical games (not that an occasional sci-fi, fantasy, board or role-play game is a bad thing!)

We are an informal, laid-back group that plays many types of rule sets from the incredibly detailed to the overly-simplified. Somewhere in between is our goal. Finishing a game in our 3-4 hour session is a must, especially since we rotate locations regularly.