This is where Big B will post projects he’s tackling. The goal is to complete the majority in 2021 (Status in parentheses):


  • Tohaa/Spiral Corps (half-done)
  • PanOceania (Acquired…ALL of it <gulp>)
  • ALEPH Operations Subsection of the SSS (on the paint table)

Bolt Action

  • British – 8th Army (Acquired)
  • British – Airborne/Paras – Late War (Acquired)
  • British – Commandos (Done)
  • British – Regular Army – Late War (Acquired)
  • French Resistance/Partisans (adding one unit then done)
  • Germans – DAK (Done)
  • Germans – Wehrmacht (Infantry done, working on tanks)
  • Spanish Civil War in 20mm (rebasing project)
  • Russian Civil War in 20mm (basing and a few more units)
  • WWI in East Africa in 20mm (Acquired)

Beyond the Gates of Antares

  • Boromites (Acquired)
  • Concord (Infantry done, Interceptors & heavy drones to finish)
  • Rebel Ghar (Acquired)

Warlords of Erehwon (One Page Rules)

  • Beastmen (Acquired – based on Satyrs & Centaurs)
  • Gnolls (Done)
  • Northmen – Barbarians (Acquired)
  • Knights (will use my Normans & some Teutonics)
  • Lizardmen (Lost Kingdoms 3D printed force)

40k (One Page Rules)

  • Squats (3D Printed Army)

Age of Sigmar (One Page Rules)

  • Gloomspite Gitz (Started)
  • Legion of Azgorh – Big Hat Chaos Dwarves (Started)

Battletech Alpha Strike (using Mechwarrior Dark Age Armies)

  • Bannson’s Raiders (finish basing)
  • Clan Jade Falcon (finish basing)
  • Dragon’s Fury (finish basing)
  • Highlanders (finish basing)
  • House Liao (finish basing)
  • Mercenaries (finish basing)
  • Rasalhague Dominion (finish basing)
  • Republic of the Sphere (finish basing)
  • Spirit Cats (finish basing)
  • Steel Wolves (finish basing)
  • Swordsworn (finish basing)

Dystopian Wars

  • Kingdom of Britannia (finish some decals and big flyers)
  • Indian Raj (Acquired)
  • Royal Australians (Acquired)